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Assessment Strategy

MP Futures is the Standards Setting Organisation for the Extractive, Mining, Mineral Processing, Construction Materials and related Manufacturing Industries

This Assessment Strategy is designed to cover all types of Qualifications and Qualification Units that apply to the Extractive, Mining, Mineral Processing and related Manufacturing Industries and are owned by MP Futures [SSO] & MPQC:

  • Scottish Vocational Qualifications [SVQs]
  • Ofqual regulated Qualifications and Credit Framework
  • Qualifications regulated by Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Competence-based qualifications
  • Qualifications based on NOS (wholly or in part)
  • Guidance for apprenticeship assessment

This strategy includes the requirements that Awarding Organisations/Bodies must meet for the delivery of qualifications, as required by the United Kingdom Qualifications Regulators’ current regulatory requirements and guidance. The document is designed to be a core set of assessment and quality assurance principles and practices. These will be supplemented and expanded upon by the specific requirements of Awarding Organisations/Bodies.

 Click here to download the MP Futures Assessment Strategy 
 Approved by SQA ACG 27th June 2018

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